English Chinese Translation Solutions
English Chinese Translation by Shanghai Yuyi is Your One-stop Language Solution in China
Backup of 20 Years' Translation Experience

Founded by Mr. Kyle Wang who graduated from the English Department of Beijing Foreign Studies University and has been in the translation circle for over 20 years, the company officially registers in the world's largest economic center of Shanghai for aims of providing high-quality service translations between English and Chinese to individuals and all types of companies ranging from small businesses to multi-national companies throughout the world.

For anything other than general business documents, we only translate materials we have a proven background, focusing on translations from English into Chinese and vice versa. Our tailored translation works meet clients with natural, elegant, value-added and professional English Chinese translation results.

Tailor-made Translation Service for different clients

We can handle English-Chinese translation in the following areas:

  Technical translations

  Manuals and user's guides

  Educational material and certificates

  Advertising material

  Market-oriented material

  Chemical translation

  Website translation

  Financial translations

  Commercial translation

  Legal translation

  Textile translation

  Exhibition translation

  Contract translation

  Overseas study translation

  Publication translation

  Foreign trade translation

  Company registration translation

  Notary translation

  English guide in China

  Investment translation

  Proofreading and editing

We are are working as an agent for those who are interested in doing business in China

With our profesional language skills and the indepth understanding about the local culture and market, we have set up a long-term goal of working as both a language bridge and an agent for those who have foresight and desire to develop Chinese business. We have a qualified team with rich overseas work experience to meet your demands in the following areas:

  Purchasing agent

  Business guide

  Personal adviser

  Liaison office

  Market researcher

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