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Welcome to join Shanghai Yuyi outstanding English Chinese translation team
 English Chinese translators of Shanghai Yuyi should possess the following essentials:

      We are hungry for freelance translators with expertise and responsibility. Instead of the cheapest, we are looking
      for somebody who can do the job well.


  1. Native speakers of target language, intimate knowledge of target users' requirements and expectations.
  2. Excellent knowledge of English language + Chinese (China) language.
  3. Relevant college or university degree holders in translation are prefered.
  4. A minimum of 3 years of direct experience in one or two specialty fields, and willingness to rigorously check the finished translation to ensure that it is 100% correct.
  5. Ability to work with translation software.
  6. Fast working, passionate, dynamic, motivated and professional translators with strong commitments to process and quality.
  7. We will not accept any online translators for our project - ONLY HUMAN TRANSLATIONS!

  Submit your applcations via:
  1. Download Registration Form
  2. Fill in online Registration Form
  3. Send us Email to 19107133@qq.com
  4. (Please, attach some copies of previously done translations.)
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