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Free estimate for professional translation between English and Chinese

Before making enquiry:

1. Please estimate the amount of words according to the word count of the source manuscript in MS word form, with
    one thousand words as the unit.
2. Tell us the type of your manuscript and the deadline of delivery you expect.
3. Spare us more time for the examination to ensure the quality of the translation.
4. In case you keep the corresponding vocabularies, share with us please, so that we offer you quality works.

Rate varies accordingly:

An accurate estimate depends on Source and target languages, file type (e.g., technical or marketing, etc.), word count, delivery time (e.g., standard or express) and other additional/special requirements from the clients. Our business structure keeps our overhead costs to a minimum and very competitive rates without compromising quality could be guaranteed.

Our competitive and tailor-made prices always satisfy you with value-added service:

By simply looking at your project, we instantly determine the time required to translate it in a fast and accurate manner. We never charge extra for rush jobs and you do not need to pay taxes on our services.

How to make payment:

We normally request a down payment of 50% for a new order. We accept payment made by means of PayPal, Credit card or Wire transfer.

Simple way to make your free enquiry:

1. Send your document by e-mail to , specifying your information, including the target language,
    the delivery date and other special requirements. We will send an estimate via email within 24 hours.
2. Click to make a free on-line enquiry.

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